10 Book Recommendations For Toddlers

There are so many great books to choose from for kids these days, that it can be confusing when it comes to making a start. If you’re looking to curate a collection to read to your toddler, take these tried and tested recommendations. Don’t be surprised to see some of our favourite children’s book authors make an appearance here. 

1. The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

This book is a modern-day classic. If you need a book that can creatively introduce your child to counting, days of the week and metamorphosis, all in one shot, apparently there is a book just for that. This book is genius. What’s magical is how captivating it is for young minds that they all just love it.  

2,3 & 4. Oh Dear, Noisy Farm and Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Okay, going by the fact that I put 3 books on this author together, shows I might be a little biased. But it’s impossible to pick one favourite when they are all so enjoyable. Yes, they all involve animals making them instantly loved by most kids. They’re also all “lift-the-flap” books that make them engaging and interactive. 

5. On The Night You Were Born By Nancy Tillman

This book speaks the language of love. There’s something so charming about reading this book to your child, that speaks of how special and unique they are and how the whole world celebrated their birth. Not only have I enjoyed reading this book to my children when they were babies, but I also love to pull it out for us to read together on their birthdays now. Watch their eyes light up hearing how loved and cherished they are.

6. Oh, The Places You Will Go by Dr Seuss

We can’t have a complete list of children’s books without including Dr Seuss. While some of his books have come under criticism lately, this one continues to be a treasured book for all ages. This book opens a world of imagination and possibilities to your child, talking of all the dreams they can achieve and the things they can do, a “sky is the limit” sort of book. The best part of this book? Kids never really outgrow it. 

 7. A Little Alphabet By Oliver Jeffers

Tired of the A for apple, B for ball series? It’s time to upgrade and introduce your child to something new, creative and a whole lot of new words. I loved hearing my 3 year old learn to say astronaut and yeti and Octopus. And the perks of reading this book every day? Your child will be saying and recognising their ABCs quite quickly and even learning to associate letters with phonic sounds 

8. Duck Rabbit by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This book is bound to keep your child curious with its simple, funny and engaging story. Is that a picture of a duck or a rabbit? What I love about this book is the subtle lessons it carries to teach children about different perspectives and letting go of arguments, politely.  

9. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

Another well-loved book that talks about love and affection. A book that instantly bonds you and your child over the love you have for each other. And to make it even more endearing, there’s a whole series of them, that includes a winter, autumn, spring and summer edition. What’s not to love? 

10. Each Peach Pear Plum by Allan Ahlberg and Janet Ahlberg

Although these authors are famous for their book “Peepo”, “Each peach pear plum” is an equally loved children’s book. The story includes famous characters from fairytales and rhymes that will delight your child just by the nature of their familiarity. With its interactive “I spy” and “take a look” and lovely illustrations, it never fails to engage little children.

Putting together this list has been nothing short of a journey of nostalgia and treasure reads.  Do you have a favourite toddler book we’ve missed out here? We’d love to hear your comments. 

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