Activity: Brilliant Basketballer

Sports are always great exercise and as much as we love and encourage the outdoors, the weather and other circumstances may not be in our favour always. But we’ve got you covered. Yes! create your mini basketball in the house by just cruising and squeezing paper. 

Crush paper to form a ball (involving a lot of fine motor skills), aim (involving depth-perception), and throw it (involving gross motor skills) into the basket. That’s more than two birds in one shot. The best thing about this activity is that it’s enjoyable, low on effort and aids skill development. So let’s get started. 

Things You Will Need

  • Old newspaper
  • 1 Basket

Learning Objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language Skills: Vocabulary ( Action words, throw, jump, crush, height)
  • Fine Motor: Crushing, squeezing
  • Gross motor skills: Jumping, walking, running, throwing, bending.
  • Social Skills: Healthy relationship, mutual learning, participation.
  • Cognitive skills: Strategy building, hand-eye coordination, 
  • Sensory: Touch, crushing sound.

Let's Get Started :)

Below is a list of resources, to help you conduct the activity with ease!

For children with low vision

Use a high contrast background and appropriate height and distance of the basket. 

For children with blindness

Make a sound and ask to throw a paper ball in the direction of the sound. 

What we loved about this activity is how simple it is to organise and yet how engaged it can keep your children. Have you tried it yet? Put it down in your list of things to do for rainy days and your kids are going to have a ball, quite literally! 

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