Activity: Fantastic Fort Builder

Play by itself is an integral and indispensable part of childhood. It is what comes naturally to children. The benefits of play are immense. From creating curiosity, encouraging exploration, to sparking imagination, one simply cannot ignore the benefits of play. Pretend play is an important part of childhood development. Also known as make-believe or imaginative play, it is a form of play where children use objects or actions to represent other ideas or actions using their imagination. 

Our activity today encourages pretend play, so join us as we build a fort!

When kids use their imagination to pretend-play it allows them to reflect on their experiences in the world around them and re-create social relationships through play. This is great for their creativity and social skills.

It also creates perfect opportunities for family bonding. Let’s make some memories today!

Things You Will Need
  • Chairs
  • Bedsheets/Blanket
  • Floor mat
  • Cloth pegs/Clips
  • All your toys and puffy pillows
Learning Objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language Skills: Day to day object name and recognition (Vocab - Chair, bedsheets, blanket, floor mat, clothespins, etc) action words (knot, go, come, pull, push, bring, etc)
  • Fine Motor: Picking, placing, punching, pulling. (Wrist motion & Pincer grip)
  • Gross  motor skills: Running, holding heavy objects, jumping, moving objects, pushing
  • Social Skills: Socialization, team play, mutual learning
  • Life skills: Building structure, communication, group play
  • Cognitive skills: Problem-solving skills, strategy building
  • Sensory: Tactile perception
  • Others: Concentration, sitting span,  storyteller
Let's Get Started :)

Below is a list of resources, to help you conduct the activity with ease!

  • Activity Video
    Watch and follow along! The video has simple step by step instructions that can guide you to make an interesting fort that your child will enjoy playing in. 

We are certain kids of all ages will enjoy building a fort and indulging in make-believe play. Let their imagination take wings.

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