Activity: Hand Wash Superstar

Washing hands has always been important but with an ongoing pandemic, hand washing has become much more than a necessity, it’s life-saving. People of all ages, young and old are constantly being reminded about the importance of washing hands. And while adults might just need a reminder, little ones need some guidance to learn the correct way of washing hands.  Good hygiene can become a lifelong healthy habit if taught at an early age. 

To spread awareness, we have a video for your child, created by a child, on how they can be a Hand Wash Superstar just like the kid in the video, Rohan! Allow your child to take their own time to go through the video, which has demonstrated steps alongside a catchy song to make hand washing more memorable for every time they do it. 

Things You Will Need
  • Soap
  • Running Water
  • Clean Towel
Learning objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language Skills:  Vocabulary (Soap, Wash, Clean, Hand, Finger, Wrist, Thumb) 

Repeating and Reciting

  • Number Skills: Counting while washing hands
  • Life Skills: Personal Hygiene, Self-Awareness and Social-Awareness

Following a sequence, and instructions

  • Fine-Motor Skills: Rubbing, Scrubbing Palms

Let's get started :)

Below is a list of resources, to help you conduct the activity with ease!

Let your child watch and learn from this video. A little repetition and a song to go along can help your child remember the method better.

Practice every day! Use these log-charts that double up as rewards for your child.

Put these up near the washbasin to promote hand washing.

The log sheets and posters will serve as visual cues, that remind your children to wash their hands.

The simple act of washing hands can be life-saving. Hope your child enjoys this activity as much as we did putting it together for them. We hope the posters, songs, flashcards and log report sheets added to the experience and helped establish washing hands as a lifelong practice.  Stay healthy and stay safe.

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