Activity: Incredible Investigator

Children are curious by nature and love games that bring out their inner Sherlock Holmes. If you are looking for a  learning activity that is also fun and simple to plan, we got you. With a few everyday materials and instructions modified for different age groups, this reading and finding activity can keep children of all ages occupied and entertained. Not only it is fun, but it can also give your little ones reading practice. We've also included several resources for you to ensure you have everything you need.

Embark on an investigative journey of finding letters hiding across the pages of your book! Watch the demonstrative video our team has curated exclusively for you. Find the sneaky letters and become an Incredible Investigator 🔍

Things You Will Need
  • Old Story Books or Magazines
  • Colour Pens/ Markers/ Bindis
Learning Objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language: Letter recognition
  • Numeracy: Counting 
  • Fine Motor: Pencil grasp, drawing circle OR peeling & sticking
  • Cognitive: Pattern matching, letter discrimination and locating
Let's Get Started :)

Below is a list of resources, to help you conduct the activity with ease!

Watch & follow along :)

  • The Letter Selector

Unsure which letter to pick for this activity? Use this letter selector, that’ll randomize target letters for you. 

If you have alphabet flashcards at home, shuffle the deck, and then let your child pick a card from it for the activity.

Stuck in a home with no kids books? Don’t worry, make your own. Here are some single page stories for you to begin with.

Reward posters for your child’s walls. Trace to use as colouring sheets :)

Activity Adaptation & Variations

For older children

Use Digraphs (two-letters representing one sound) or whole words instead of singular letters. Practice letter sounds and get started with some early reading practice!

For younger children

Use simple patterns or image search. Can you find all the ducks on this page? Or all the circles?

For children with Vision Impairment          

Use a tactile or braille book. Use a pin to punch a hole, or a crayon to make some tactile marks around the selected letter while conducting this activity.

For children with Hearing Impairment

Follow the activity as usual, along with alphabet flashcards or a letter selector.

Instructions are best conveyed in sign language. Please reach out to us if you need our support with this. 

We hope this game keeps your little ones engaged and entertained. It shouldn't be long before they ask to play it again. We hope all the resources we provided proved useful and made it easier for you to plan this game. We'll be back soon with many more fun activities like this one.  

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