Activity: Super Sorter

Children don’t need fancy or special toys to enhance concentration, sitting tolerance and fine motor skills. Your kitchen ingredients can help them just the same. This activity not only will keep your child busy while giving them practice in sorting and recognising but will serve as an introduction to the kitchen.  Like they say, catch them young. So let’s get sorting!

Things You Will Need

  • 3-4 type of pulses 
  • Plate
  • 3-4 bowls
Learning Objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language skills:  Pulse Name
  • Object identification: Distinction on the basis of colours, shape, and size
  • Sensory skills: Texture matching, hand-eye coordination 
  • Fine Motor: Finger muscle strength,  pincer grip
  • Social skills: Following directions
  • Number skills: Counting the number of pulses and type of pulses
  • Cognitive skills: Sequencing, hand-eye coordination,  recognition of different pulses
  • Others: Concentration, Sitting span, Strategy building (how to finish fast)
Let's Get Started :)

Watch this Activity Video and follow along!

OR follow these instructions:

  • Mix 3-4 types of pulses in a plate. Make sure they are all different in size, colour, and texture. 
  • Place one bowl for each type of pulse in the plate, near the plate. 
  • Ask your children to sort the pulses into these individual bowls.
Activity Adaptation & Variations

For children with low vision and blindness: Use different colour and size of the pulse

A simple activity for sure but engaging and beneficial nonetheless. We hope your little one has enjoyed trying this out.

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