Activity : Talented Tagger

Staying at home is a great opportunity to learn about everyday household objects and their uses. We have the perfect way for you to turn this learning opportunity into a fun and independent activity for your children. Whatever you have lying around in the house is all you need to play this game with your children. The activity is simple, let them move around to name and tag furniture and objects around the house. Get started with our list of suggested objects, to bring out the “Talented Tagger” in your child today!

Things You Will Need
  • Post-it notes or Tape and Paper
  • Pen
  • 1 box/container
Learning Objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language skills Recognition of common household objects & their names
             Introduction to “Where”, “Here”, “This” and prepositions
            Older children: Writing simple words/ uses of these objects
  • Number skills Basic number readiness (How many objects did they tag?)
  • Social skills Exploring the surrounding environment
  • Life skills/ ADL Independent play/ Self-engagement
           Knowledge of daily living items and their use
  • Fine Motor Pointing, sticking, grasping
  • Gross Motor Walking, moving, climbing
            Spatial relationships, laterality-balancing and coordination
  • Cognitive Factual comprehension of the living environment and its
Let's Get Started :)
Below is a list of resources, to help you conduct the activity with ease!
  • Watch & follow along with this Activity Video or read the instructions below :)
    Our activity video will show you how to plan and play this activity. You can even show it to your child for them to understand the simple rules of the game.


Create flashcards of objects in your house, with text or images and store them in a small box.
Leave a few cards blank for the children to fill out

Game on!

  1. Introduce the game to the child
    Show them the deck of cards, ask them to pick one and allow the child to see/ feel what is on it. If required, read out the name of the object and ask them to find it
    “Where is the Teddy Bear?”
    Find the object, and stick/ pin the card to it. Read out the name of the object again and ask the child to repeat it with you. “This is the … Teddy Bear!”
  2. Now we start!
    Pick a card, show it to the child and ask: “Where is the …”,
    allow the child to read the card aloud and name the object “... Chair!”
    Ask the child to try again if incorrect. Give up the answer after 3 tries.
  3. Ask the child to find the object in the room/house and then give the card to the child.
    “Where is the … Chair?”
    The child now moves around the room/house to find the object, and sticks/pins the card on it!
    “This is the … Chair!”
    (Repeat with the child, to help with pronunciations)
  4. Every successful find earns the child a point. When the child reaches 10 points, give them an award.
  5. Repeat! Till you have the entire room/house tagged!

Leave these cards in place till the child is comfortable with identifying & naming the objects. Encourage the child to observe the cards and read them out  regularly.

Activity Adaptation & Variations
For older children (early-writing)

Give them blank cards, and allow them to write down object names themselves.
Good time to practice your spellings. 

For younger children

Use images on your tagging cards in addition to the name of the object itself.

Limit the number of objects for the activity. Keep ready the chosen objects in a tray or a box, within the reach of the child. Ask to choose (by pointing/ picking up).

If your child is at the single word level, avoid the use of “Where is..” and “This is..”

For children with Vision Impairment     

Add braille to the cards. Read out the object names.  Tactile symbols are also a good way to go.     

For children with Hearing Impairment

Perfect opportunity to introduce some new sign language vocabulary!

How simple was this game really, and how much fun. Not only will it keep your little ones engaged but give them good practice is recognizing, labelling and matching. Go ahead and bring out the Talented Tagger in your child. Have fun!

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