Activity: Masked Superhero

With an ongoing pandemic and the uncertainty of how long it’ll be around, it’s a given that masks may become a “new normal” for a while. While at first, there was ambiguity about the necessity of wearing a mask, experts now say there is good reason to have kids over the age of 2 wear masks in public. However, getting really young kids to wear masks that cover a lot of their faces might be more difficult than expected!

Wearing a mask can protect your child and even those around them. A simple cloth mask can be an effective barrier in stopping the virus from spreading. Masks are to be worn at all times in public, and not just when one is sick. Now that we have enough evidence about the effectiveness of masks, let’s work towards getting our children to wear them comfortably and without hesitation. 

Please Note: Masks are not to be used for children under the ages of 2 and they’re definitely not meant for babies.

It can seem uncomfortable and strange for your child to wear a mask at first. So give them time and plenty of practice wearing it. Help your children understand the role of masks. Make one for everyone in the family! Wear them as you do daily chores and other activities. Practicing at home will make your child much more comfortable with wearing masks when you have to head out. When children see adults around them being diligent about wearing their masks, they’ll follow suit. 

If you didn’t know yet, kids love to DIY. It just makes everything more special and unique. So if you’re looking to get them interested in wearing and keeping a mask on, we have found you a quick no-sew, a mask-making activity that will take you less than 5 minutes to make. 

While you learn more about masks and staying safe, with this activity, your child will also get some practice with their fine motor skills and instruction-following.

Things You Will Need

  • Soft Clean Cloth 1 square piece
  • Rubber Band 2 nos.
Learning Objectives

While you follow the activity, ensure you focus on

  • Language: Vocabulary Building (Mask, Rubber Band, Cloth, Fold, Wear) 
  • Numeracy: Counting folds and objects "TWO rubber bands"
  • Life Skills: Personal Care, Self-Awareness and Social-Awareness
  • Fine Motor: Folding, Pinching, Turning
  • Cognitive: Following a sequence and instructions
  • Shapes:         Square, Rectangle
  • Body Parts: Face, Nose, Mouth, Ear -- and not touching them!

 Let's Get Started :)

Below is a list of resources, to help you conduct the activity with ease!

Watch & follow along :) Our step by step video tutorial makes it easy for kids to follow, with just a little parental guidance.

These are reward posters for your child’s walls. You can also use them to trace and use as colouring sheets. These can serve as visual reminders for your child as well. Put it up next to your front door or in your home's activity centre, so kids can see on their way out and remember to carry their masks when they are stepping out.

With a little practice and encouragement, children can get comfortable wearing masks and also understand its necessity. Hope our little activity helped achieve just that. Stay safe.

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