The Story of 2018

It has been an incredible year for us, and we’d love to share some details and lots of gratitude.

The year started with a huge shift in product direction, from initially pursuing a hardware-based solution, we moved to a smartphone app. The product intent remained staunchly the same — to provide an interactive audio-tactile learning experience for children, inclusive of those with visual impairment.

We’ve learnt along the way, that the experience we’ve created adds value to children with developmental delays and learning disabilities as well. The fact that it’s screen-free and texturally rich, makes it an indulgent multi-sensory learning product for any toddler or preschooler, with or without disabilities.

Here are some highlights from our fairly eventful year.

We’re now at a critical, exciting juncture. With the experience of having created content and commercially launched four products now, we have more confidence in addressing the learning needs of eager young minds.

It’s also been about a year of being associated with Social Alpha and Capital First, whose guidance and mentorship during this period pushed us through several iterations of business modelling. With continued seed and incubation support from the able teams, we’re looking forward to the coming years, bigger goals and more exciting challenges.

Read about our hopes and plans for 2019.

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