Three Bookstores For Kids In Bangalore

Bengaluru is full of treasures for children. From plenty of parks, lakes and stores, the city offers many activities for children of all ages. We’re starting a series of helping you find fun things to do in your city, starting with the best children’s bookstores in the city.

Blossom Book Store : Starting off with one that’s probably the most famous and one of the oldest in the city. While the old blossom book store on the same road has its own charm of narrow sections overflowing with piles and columns of books, the new store is spacious, better organized, and has an equally charming selection of books. It’s hard to pick which of the two is better and you’ll spend many geeky hours scrutinizing their selection at either location. The store is an absolute treasure trove, where you can find books for all ages. Not only does it have an up-to-date collection of the latest books in all genres, but the store also offers a massive collection of pre-loved books as well, at unbeatable prices. That’s a great option when you are buying books for kids since they outgrow some books pretty quickly. Think of it as a happy place for children and a perfect family hangout. Kids and parents can pore through collections of books, spending hours lost in rows of books. You’ll find rare, old, second hand and every kind of book you can imagine. With an eye for good finds and patience to sift through countless books, you are sure to find some real precious reads. An added bonus is that you can even take your pre-loved books to the store in return for store credit. 

Lightroom: This quaint and homely book store in Cooke Town is a book curators paradise. What Lightroom offers is not an avalanche of books you need to filter to find the book you need, but a handpicked and thoughtfully selected array of books, all neatly organised for different age groups. Offering books for children and young readers, every book you find here is unique and just the right fit. One look at their collection and you can tell that each book has earned its place there. Beyond mainstream books, you’ll find many titles here that don’t usually pop up in your most popular lists or online collections, but rare finds you can’t wait to add to your child’s collection.  If you are unsure of what books will suit your child, you can be rest assured any book you pick here will be a good read. The store also offers a good collection of books by Indian authors too.  The calming atmosphere, softly lit space and charming neighborhood make it an inviting store you’ll want to visit over and over again. Although they currently have a second-hand section of equally rare finds, the buzz is that the pre-loved section is closing soon. Although that barely makes this store any less special. 

Bookworm : Although not a bookstore exclusively for kids, Bookworm has a wide selection of books children can choose from. And yes, they also have preloved books, most in great condition and at great prices. Be ready to get amazed by piles of books that go from the ceiling to the floor and spot some rare finds. Your whole family can spend hours here, as they have plenty of space for kids and young readers while also offering a plethora of books for adults. You can also take your old books there and exchange them for store credit. The staff are super helpful and can tell you what titles you might enjoy or in which exact section you can find a book you’re looking for.. The great thing about this store is that it has withstood buying trends over the years that saw many other bookstores shut down in the city once online shopping came into existence. There’s a certain charm to the store that comes from shelves of books filled with print and pages.

With all the disruption the pandemic has brought, Bookworm also now delivers books to your doorstep across the city. All you need to do is call the store, check availability and get Dunzo or Swiggy to pick up your books. Payments can be made online.

The gift of reading is the best thing you can give a child. Take a few steps towards instilling that love for books and very soon you’ll have a budding reader on your hands. We’re quite convinced you’ll love visiting any of these stores and won’t be disappointed one bit. We never are.

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