Top 3 Christmas Tree Crafts to do this Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner and whether you celebrate it or not, everyone especially lil children love the festive season as Santa, candy, lights, gifts and Christmas trees bring a little extra cheer. Exactly what the end of 2020 calls for!

Since you’ve spent most of the year keeping your kids entertained, here’s some inspiration to keep them occupied during these holidays in a fun way for the both of you.

While we absolutely love doing crafts, we like to pick activities that keep it simple for the younger children and can provide a bit of a challenge to the older ones. In sync with this season, we have chosen the most fun Christmas Tree Crafts that your child could make and gift or put up in their rooms and around the house 🙂 What’s more is that these also encourage some quality family-time and sensory learning, increasing dexterity and creativity.

Our first pick for this season is a simple Ribboned Cardboard Christmas Tree which older children can turn into a Fir Forest!

You need:

  • A piece of cardboard paper for the base of the tree
  • Wooden stick for the trunk
  • Coloured ribbons or paper – mostly green and white and then any other happy colours
  • Glue
  • Cotton for the effect of snow
  • Thermocol base

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Help your child cut out cardboard in the shape of a triangle. Make it as tall or short as you please

Step 2: Cut strips of green coloured paper(painted or ready-made) or ribbons and as in the image paste them on the cardboard base leaving a little space between each. Don’t worry about making it exactly fit and let the strips extend out of the tree

Step 3: Fill the gaps with white, yellow or red strips of paper or ribbons

Step 4: Now either cut all the extra paper/ribbons along the cardboard lines or glue them to the back neatly

Step 5: Now tape the wooden stick behind the cardboard, not on the side of the ribbons. Ensure it is high enough to provide enough support

Voila! Your Christmas Tree is ready!

For older children:

Step 6: Cut out a square or rectangular piece of cardboard

Step 7: Smear liquid glue across the top of it

Step 8: Separate out wads of cotton, spread and stick it all over the base as snow

Step 9: This step isn’t compulsory but you could add glue to the sides of the thermocol and dip it in glitter of a colour of your choosing

Step 10: Make more trees, of different heights and colours

Step 10: Stick all your Christmas trees, stick first into the thermocol

Voila! Your Fir Forest is ready!

Next up we have Family Handprint Christmas tree

This activity is just the sweetest as you can make this every year and you will love how much your kids’ handprints grow each year. This is also super simple as you don’t need much except paper and glue.

Building the tree is easy:

Step 1: Trace everyone’s hands for the top and the youngest family member’s foot (preferably a baby) for the trunk of the tree. If not, colouring the base works just as well 🙂

Step 2: Cut out each hand trace and arrange from biggest to smallest

Step 3: As you see in the picture combine all the largest handprints at the bottom sticking the edges onto each other

Step 4: Repeat step 3 and ensure you fan the hands out just enough to form the shape of a tree. Broader at the base and thinning inwards as you go up

Step 5: Add a star or angel cut-out on the top, and if you have stickers or any other decorations you have lying around. A plain tree looks just as great too!

This third Chain Christmas Tree takes the creativity of the child to the next level even though extremely simple to put together!

You need:

  • 25 strips of paper – 19 green strips, 5 red strips, 1 yellow strip
  • Tape, glue or stapler

We start from the top of the tree so that you can hang it:

Step 1: Stick/tape or staple  the yellow paper into a circle from edge to edge

Step 2: Loop one green strip into the yellow one and seal it

Step 3:  Hang 2 more green on your first green

Step 4: The next row has 3 paper chains, one off each of the 2nd row and 1 in the middle of those

Step 5: Hang 2 off each of the 2 edge chains from row 3

Step 6: The next row has 5 paper chains, one off each of the 4th row and 2 each in the middle of those

Step 7: Hang 2 off each of the 3 chains from row 5.

Step 8: The last row has 3 chains for the trunk of the Christmas tree. Hang 2 sideways off of the middle 4 chains from row 6 and one in the middle of those. Even though the step may sound complicated, if you look at the image, you can make it on your own even without instructions 🙂

Here are more special mentions of trees you can try at home where the pictures themselves suffice as instructions.

Glitter, sequins, glue and soft pom poms all add to the sensory aspect of these activities.

These adorable projects will keep your little ones happy apart from occupied and help add some Christmas spirit to your home. I’m sure the only problem you’ll have is choosing which to do first!

There is no wrong or right way to be creative. Happy crafting!

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